Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: GetMoreStats

Interested in gaining power as quickly as possible? Then you'll probably want to maximize the amount of experience you get from fighting monsters. This guide will help you get the most stats out of your fights.

Note: This guide is still a work in progress, so not all information has been completely tested yet. If you find something inaccurate or incomplete, please let me know.


Note that the volleyball gains are rounded up, so a 25-pound volleyball and a 28-pound volleyball will both give you +7 stat points. The gains are not dependent on the nature of what you're fighting. The cheshire bat and Jill-O-Lantern function like a volleyball. The killer bee will increase your amount of Muscle gained, but less so than for a volleyball.

The hovering sombrero works differently from a volleyball -- rather than giving you a flat increase, the gains from the sombrero depend on the nature of the monster you're fighting. The breakeven point appears to be about 20 XP -- below that level, a volleyball will give you bigger boosts, while above that level, a sombrero is more effective. I'll post more detailed numbers once I work them out. Note that the sombrero will give huge bonuses against enemies in the Sorceress' Tower.

See also GetHeavierFamiliars for advice on increasing your familiar level.


Most of the equipment which allows you to get more stat points operates by increasing the monster level, so your stat points won't come for free -- you'll have to fight tougher monsters to get them! +5 monster level will yield +1 stat point. Note that if you're using a volleyball or equivalent, the annoying pitchfork is not as effective as the level-boosting equipment for the familiar.


These are the only things that I know of that affect your stat gains from combat. Of course, there are many ways to gain stats outside of combat -- the gym, the Hall of the Legends of the Times of Old, the shore, eating and drinking things, and so forth.