Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: FeastOfBoris

The Feast of Boris is a suspiciously Thanksgiving-like holiday. On this holiday, you can eat twice as much as normal, giving you a total fullness of 30. (Adventurers with the Stomach of Steel receive 35 fullness.)

Cranberries also have increased potency; eating them yields 2-4 adventures rather than the normal 1. Drinks made with cranberries also have different effects: redrum and vodka and cranberry each yield 5-9 Adventures instead of their normal 5-6. (The can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce, however, appears to be the same.)

On the Feast falling on December 13, 2005 (and presumably for future feasts), four new monsters appeared in the Kingdom. These monsters could appear in any area randomly, even areas where monsters don't normally appear. Their power scales with yours, although it appears they are always slightly weaker than you, so you should be able to defeat them most of the time. The stats are:

See RecipeList for effects of the food. The effects of the food are the same whether they're eaten on the Feast or later.