Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: ElementalResistance

In the Kingdom, many monsters will attack you with attacks of a specific element (for instance, monsters in the Cyrpt will do spooky damage). Elemental resistance will reduce damage taken from these attacks. You also need elemental resistance to enter or pass through some areas. This page details how elemental resistance works. See also ElementalEffects for information about how the elements generally work in the Kingdom.

Every item that confers elemental resistance has a basic "strength", expressed by an adjective:

Your total resistance is determined by adding up the total of all of your items. For instance, if you have a gasmask (serious stench resistance) and a Pine-Fresh air freshener (slight stench resistance), your total resistance strength is 4, which will be listed on your character sheet as "Middling".

You cannot go above Maximal resistance. In fact, only Pastamancers and Saucerors can reach this high; other classes can only go up to Major (level 6).

Note that for the areas which require resistance to enter, even Meager resistance is sufficient to enter that area.

Here is a list of everything currently known to provide elemental resistance, sorted by element.