Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: ElementalEffects

There are five basic elements in the Kingdom: hot, cold, stench, spooky, and sleaze. (There are also a couple of minor elements, like bad spelling, but these don't have any special effects.)


The effects of the elements are as follows:

How do you deal elemental damage?

How do monsters use elemental damage?

The Hotform, Coldform, Spookyform, Sleazeform, and Stenchform effects will turn you temporarily into the appropriate elemental type. All of your attacks, items, and spells will be of that element and you will receive damage according to the elemental rules. (This effect overrides Flavour of Magic, Immaculate Seasoning, or the elemental cookbooks for your spell element.) Familiar damage will remain physical for familiars which normally attack physically, but it will also become that element for familiars (e.g. Angry Goat) which attack elementally.