Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: AchievementList

These are the achievements that you can receive. They are listed in the "completed quests" and "other accomplishments" section of your "quests" section. A * indicates an achievement that you keep when you Ascend.

Council Quests

Note that the Final Ultimate accomplishment is always listed under "Current Quests", even after you free the King from his prism.

Guild Quests

Since the Nemesis quest is not yet complete, you can't finish it, so it always shows up under "Current Quests" even after you've gotten as far as is currently possible.

Miscellaneous Quests

Other Accomplishments

When you complete the GourdTower quest for the final time, the achivement "You have helped defend the Gourd" becomes "You have made the Gourd completely safe". I have also heard people claim that there is an achievement for training all familiars to 20 pounds, but as far as I know this is not true. Note that trophies which have been earned but not yet purchased are not counted. The Garbage achivement used to be just "You have made your way to the Castle in the Clouds in the Sky." There used to be an achievement "You have found everything there is to find in the Strange Leaflet", but it was removed when the Strange Leaflet was revamped.