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Toast Wars

Toast Wars is this 6-minute little film I made during high school in the summer of 1995. The music and some sound effects were taken from the Star Wars movies, but I shot everything and made all the special effects myself on my Mac (Quadra 840AV). This was well before the big Star Wars spoof craze, with Troops and whatnot. Unfortunately, my file was 200 MB because video compression sucked back then, and the Internet wasn't popular enough or fast enough for me to distribute it that way yet. Oh well.

I've uploaded the original high quality version to the Internet Archive:

[ Toast Wars on Internet Archive (High Quality) (215 MB QuickTime file) ]

(Internet Archive details page)

Compression algorithms weren't as good back then, so it's a whopping 200 MB. If you don't want to download that, you can stream it from YouTube, though it looks a lot worse there:

[ Toast Wars on YouTube (Low Quality) ]

Let me know what you think:

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You can email me: kenlu(at)subjunctive.net.

YouTube's flash player doesn't show the disclaimer at the end, so here it is:

Old Stuff

The rest of this page I made in 1996, which is why all the clips are so tiny and stuff. I couldn't even put up full-resolution clips back then, let alone the whole movie!


Below are a few 160 x 120 QuickTime clips.

[ToastIE Fires]

ToastIE Fires (983 K, 8 secs)

The dreaded ToastIE Fighter fires and hits the X-Wing Toaster, and our heros are forced to eject!

[Vader Lights Saber]

Vader Lights Saber (459 K, 4 secs)

The Lord of Burnt Toast lights his saber!

[Leia Toasts]

Leia Toasts (915 K, 8 secs)

At Luke's advice, the Princess uses the Toast to fetch Vader's blaster and shoot Vader's saber out of his hand!


Luke (my friend, Ian Shapiro) lights his saber:

[Ian as Luke with Lightsaber]

Vader, the Dark Lord of Burnt Toast, (that's me!) prepares for the fight:

[Ken as Vader with Lightsaber]

Father and Son duel:

[Father and Son lightsaber-duel] [Father and Son clash sabers]

The Princess (another friend, Willa AuYeung) joins the fray:

[Willa as Leia fires her blaster]

A menacing ToastIE Fighter closes in for the attack:

[ToastIE Fighter]

Of course, like all good films, Toast Wars is presented with...

Toasty Stereo in Selected Theaters

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