Subjunctive Dreams

[The Clairvoyant]  

The Clairvoyant

I dreamed a complete story, with a plot and a moral and everything! I thought it was so amazing that I just had to note it down in comic form for posterity. (Dec-2002)



This is a comic strip I did for my college paper, from the falls of 2000 and 2001.

[Toast Wars]  

Toast Wars

Toast Wars was a 6-minute film I made during high school back in 1995. I'm hosting it online for the first time (as of Oct-2004), so take a look.


See Toasty Doodle for my latest practice drawings.


Also see klog - Compositions, my category for essays and other more original bits on my blog. That's also where I announce new stuff.

Old Stuff


These are some things I put on my homepage in early college.

[Lu Lu Land graphics]  

Lu Lu Land Graphics

The logo and navigational buttons for my old homepage at college. I made them back in 1997. Stick figures are fun! :)

[E&M Pong]  

E&M Pong

E&M Pong is a game I worked on back in 1997. I never did finish it, but I've now provided the incomplete program that you can run on any Mac.


The Wave-Particle Duality of Michelangelo's Statue of David

[36K PDF] This was my term paper for "Intro to Media Studies", written in December 1997. It deals with our changing notions of reality and self as we're exposed to new media. Pretty funky stuff. I played with integrating bits of fiction into a non-fiction paper.


A Trip to Hades

This is a story I wrote back in 8th grade. Our assignment was to write a story about a trip to Hades. We were given several checkpoints of things we had to talk about, but how we did so was up to us. Yes, there was a heavy Hitchhiker's Guide influence.

Hosted Items


Here are various things that I didn't make, but that I'm providing on my server for your enjoyment.


The Future of Humanity by Isaac Asimov

This is a lecture by the Good Doctor that had a great impact on me. I'm hosting it here because the other copies on the net don't have proper emphasis. Back in 1997, I got the Word document from the original transcriber and added relevant bold and italic formatting.


Spider-Man WTC Trailer

[21.3 MB MPEG] This is a teaser trailer for the Spider-Man movie that features the World Trade Center towers. After September 11, it was pulled from theaters and from the web. Too bad, because it was a damn good trailer. (FYI, according to Sam Raimi, the footage was shot specifically for the trailer, and this scene was not going to be in the movie anyway.)

Kenneth Lu