Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: GetMoreAdventures

If you like playing Kingdom of Loathing (and why are you reading this guide if you don't?), you probably want to get as many Adventures as possible. This guide is set up to help you maximize the number of Adventures you can get.

As you probably know, there are two ways to get more adventures. One is to consume food and drink which provide you with more adventures. In this area, Ohayou has already created an incredibly useful tool: the [WWW]KoL Item Effects page has a tool which allows you to maximize adventures (or anything else) given what food you have. So this page won't attempt to cover that.

The other way to get more adventures is to arm yourself with various equipment which always gives a bonus to the 40 adventures you normally get every day on rollover. These are:

Campground equipment

Clan equipment

Character equipment

Note: This equipment only has to be equipped during rollover -- you can take it off immediately afterwards and wear something else during the day.

Note that all of the accessories are one-only, so you can't wear multiple of the same watch or multiple meatcars. Furthermore, if you wear both an imitation nice watch and a dead guy's watch, you'll only get the bonus from the imitation nice watch. (The Counterclockwise Watch also does not combine with these watches. Thanks to OmegaZone for this information.) The watches can be combined with the Ascension rewards, however (and the tiny plastic items, of course). All of the weapons are two-handed except for the time sword, which can be dual-wielded.

The maximum number of adventures you can get at rollover is 77: 40 + 3 (pagoda) + 8 (clockwork maid) + 3 (calendar) + 12 (entire TimeTrappings outfit) + 3 (wielding another time sword in your off-hand slot using Double-Fisted Skull Smashing) + 3 (imitation nice watch) + 3 (plexiglass pocketwatch) + 2 (stainless steel solitaire) = 77.