Review Rating Key

Toast Toast Toast Toast Perfect score. Be the first in line!
Toast Toast Toast Recommendation. Good stuff.
Toast Toast and a half Marginal recommendation. Go for it if you're in the right mood.
Toast Toast Can't quite recommend it, but maybe you'll disagree.
Toast Stay away. Go watch a sitcom instead.
0 Slices of Toast Despicable and revolting. Those responsible should be exiled.

I'm basically copying my rating system from Roger Ebert, best movie reviewer ever. Like him, I'd like to point out that ratings are adjusted for the genre. I think it'd be meaningless to compare Aliens, Amadeus, Braindead, and Dr. Strangelove. Obviously, Dr. Strangelove is a more intellectually significant movie than Braindead, but I'd give all of those movies 4 Slices because they're all top-of-class in their respective genres.