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Subject: Mnemosyne Passthought Reset

2053-03-02 20:32:43 UTC:

Dear Mnemosyne User,

Good morning. Mnemosyne's security team has discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Mnemosyne network with the characteristics of a coordinated attack. As a precaution to protect your external memories and Cognitive Co-processing Cloud, we have implemented a passthought reset.

We have also locked down direct nervous system access to your prosthetic limbs and other body augmentations for your protection.

Imagine the Mnemosyne login, and you will be prompted to create a new passthought to regain control of your extended self.

We suggest you take this opportunity to select a strong passthought. It is best to use a passthought consisting of complex experiences. Recall an odd dream you once woke from suddenly. Consider a smell you once whiffed that left a strong impression, but you're not sure what it was the smell of. Reminisce about the sensory overload of your first trip to a new virtual country.

Your passthought's chances of being compromised greatly increase if you use a common emotion, such as the excitement of winning a prize, the trepidation of speaking to your first love, or existential ennui.

Never use the same passthought to access multiple cerebral networks.

Never think about your passthought while responding to a telepathic message; always directly imagine the service first.

We apologize for this incident and appreciate your patience. This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we have notified federal law enforcement authorities. We are making every effort to ensure safe control of the minds and bodies of all our users.

The Mnemosyne Team

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