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Dances with Wolves

Kevin Costner's character is in an upscale restaurant, arguing with his wife. She storms out. He has a young daughter with him, and they walk out into the snow. The second half of the film is almost entirely just him and his daughter, walking in the snow, in what has now become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Walking and walking, seemingly in circles.

Suddenly, they spot a car, which they haven't seen in years. A woman who looks a bit like Tilda Swinton gets out. She is immaculately dressed with an inhuman precision. Her assistant says, "He should be around here somewhere. Can you spot him?" Just as she looks toward Kevin Costner's character, two people carrying a large box obstruct her view. Costner's character panics, looks around, and then, before the box-carriers walk away, he VANISHES in a flash of light and a small trail of smokeā€¦ unfortunately leaving his daughter behind. "Daddy?" she cries.

He has teleported onto a UFO, where everyone else also looks like Kevin Costner. One of them asks, "Are we ready?"

"Yes," he responds. "Let's go."

And then I wake up.

(I've never actually seen the film, but I'm pretty sure that's not what happens in the original.)

Hitting Yourself

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