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Instant Narrative, Descriptive Acts, SFMOMA

At the Descriptive Acts exhibit at SFMOMA, I spotted this headphone hook... or is it a hexapus?

Descriptive Acts Part 1 - Headphone Hook or Hexapus?

I turned around after taking my picture, and projected* on the wall was the following:

(Note the second-to-last line.)

Descriptive Acts Part 2 - Being Stalked


Apparently, this was "Instant Narrative" by Dora GarcĂ­a. I looked around the room and easily spotted this guy. Of course I had to take a picture of him in return:

Descriptive Acts Part 3 - The Watcher Becomes the Watched

The watcher becomes the watched!

* * *

*The projector was just displaying black text on white background, but the R, G, and B beams on the projector must've been out of sync, so that at a fast shutter speed, I got colors.

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