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Halloweenified Profile Pic

Halloweenified profile pic of @ec:

(If you don't notice what I changed, be patient and keep looking...)

(Inspired by this Halloweenified profile pic of @robinsloan by @irondavy.)

Mos Eisley Mosque

So I saw this photo via Tamara Mann's Google+ of Jama ar-Rahman mosque in Baghdad (under construction):

Jama ar-Rahman,  Baghdad.

And I commented that it looked like a spacecraft getting ready to lift off. She responded that it does have a certain Mos Eisley feel to it, which led me to create:

But then I thought, perhaps my original suggestion was more accurate:

Yay Photoshop! :)

Manhattan Sights

At 53rd St and 6th Ave:

53rd St and 6th Ave, New York City

The giant brick building here now belongs to Google:

111 Eighth Avenue, New York

It began its life as a freight depot, then became home to the Port Authority. Now it houses a number of different tenants. It's SO HUGE. It's like a skyscraper turned on its side!

Parking is in short supply in New York:

Parking structure as viewed from The High Line in New York

And finally, I loved this cake at some shop called Lulu:

Display cake at Lulu Cake Boutique


MOMA 2011

I went back to New York and toured MOMA again. I love that place. It made me so happy! Let's lead off with... The Menstruation Machine!

Menstruation Machine, Takashi's Take

Here's a music video explanation of it:

Um, if that wasn't enough, here's what the placard had to say:

With her Menstruation Machine, Sputniko! explores the relationship between gender identity, biology, and choice. The device, equipped with a blood-dispensing system and electrodes that stimulate the lower abdomen, replicates the pain and bleeding of the average five-day menstrual period. It is designed to be worn by men, children, postmenopausal women, or whoever else wants to experience menstruation firsthand, transforming an internal, private process into a wearable display of identity. The video tells the story of Takashi, a biological male who builds the Menstruation Machine and wears it out on the town with a girlfriend, strutting around a shopping mall and occasionally doubling over in pain. Sputniko! notes that the Menstruation Machine may be particularly desirable now that hormone-based contraceptives such as the birth-control pill have rendered menstruation biologically unnecessary.

Btw, I love how this artist has an exclamation point in her name. :D Here's the music video for her other exhibit about a mechanical crow:

I love this idea of making music videos for your electronic art contraptions. :)

Okay... onward!

This is a Rubik's Cube for the blind, featuring braille on all the faces!

Rubik's Cube for the Blind

Even the out-of-order signs are awesome at MOMA:

Even the out-of-order signs are awesome here :)

And finally, for all the Point Break fans (I know you're out there :D), there was a Kathryn Bigelow exhibit, and here's a storyboard from the film!

Storyboard for Point Break

Wedding action shots

Parents of the bride being adorable:

Parents of the Bride

And some unplanned speeches:

Uninvited Speeches

Wedding portraits

Some portraits I shot at my friend's wedding:

First, the groom:

The Groom

And then some of the guests:

Looking Up

Awesome hair:

Awesome Hair



Down with Everything… or not?

I saw the image on the left floating around a few weeks ago, and then today I saw the one on the right:


Okay now can we just agree that (a) both corporations and governments provide value, and (b) they both still have flaws and could be improved? I guess I kind of disagree with the sentiments expressed by both of the original sets of protestors AND both of the image-creators who are mocking the protestors. Maybe I can unite everyone in common hatred of me? :)

A Modern Wedding Ceremony

The scene at the wedding ceremony:

A Modern Wedding Ceremony


I also rather liked the pens at the signing:

Wedding Witnesses

Pre-Reception Makeup

This shot of putting on mascara…

Applying Mascara

…reminds me of this scene from A Clockwork Orange. :P

Putting on eyeshadow is much less frightening:

Applying Eyeshadow

Every wedding needs one of those shots with the flowers in the foreground and subjects blurry in the background, right?

Pre-Reception Makeup

And finally, some hair curling action from before a wedding reception in another city:

Hair Curling

"Honey, I'm home!"

More photos of my just-married friends. Here is my prediction of their future home life:

"Honey, I'm home!"

:D It took a lot of finagling to get them to pose for that. :P

And I call this next one "domesticity":


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