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Rose Garden Wedding Photos

I loved this tree. :D


And here are the actual roses at the rose garden:

J&V in Rose Garden

Bride in Rose Garden

(I kinda went for the same effect I came up with at another wedding a couple of years ago.)

Two brief scenes from DC

I dropped by Art All Night in DC and loved this installation titled "Seen Unseen" by Christie Malvin:

It's a mixture of projected silhouettes of passers-by combined with live skateboarders skating between the projector and the canvas.

And then I bought a friend's kid a plush Cookie Monster, and I couldn't help resist having him star in a video first:

It took me a while to clean all the cookie bits out of his mouth afterward. :P

A week of concerts

A week ago, I went to see Rupa & the April Fishes. My favorite shot was actually during tuning:

Rupa & The April Fishes @ The Independent in San Francisco

Full Rupa & the April Fishes set here.

Later in the week, I caught the tail end of the San Francisco Cabaret Opera's performance of Kurt Weill songs. I think she looks a bit like Billie Holliday here, no?

San Francisco Cabaret Opera at Cafe Royale

A few more SF Cabaret Opera photos here.

Later that night, I caught My Goodness. His hair was in his face the whole evening:

My Goodness @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall

And then I saw Two Star Hotel. Here's their bassist looking manly:

Two Star Hotel @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall

Full My Goodness and Two Star Hotel set here.

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