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Emirates Flight Attendants

Emirates Flight Attendants

I love the Emirates female flight attendants' hats!

So I asked this female flight attendant if I could take her picture. She blushed and then asked her male coworker to come over and be in the picture with her. I wondered if it was because she didn't want to be in the picture alone?

In any case, I think this picture turned out better with both of them!

Mysore Street Scenes

I went back to Bangalore this month, and I finally made it out to Mysore, a town 3 hours' drive away. Here are some snippets of video from my trip. The bits in the middle are from the Devaraja Market. (It's missing a lot of my actual time in Mysore, such as my visit to the surprisingly large zoo. Photos forthcoming.)

I like kids all of a sudden

So normally I'm not that into kids, and I certainly complain when people post too many baby pictures on Facebook and such... but somehow, this weekend, I ended up hanging out with some friends with kids, and I actually liked them! I'm even about to post some pictures of other people's kids! What's happening to me?!?!

Father and son at New People in Japantown:

New Person

Parents and two daughters at dinner:

Mom and daughter at dinner

Daughter reaches for a lamp

And finally, a silly little video!

Music: XMASMYTH by Mister Electric Demon
(Used under CC BY-NC 3.0 license)


A seadragon I saw at the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few weeks ago:

Sea Dragon

See a couple more seadragon photos here.

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