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Job Corps garden on Treasure Island

I did a volunteer day thing at work last week, and we went to Treasure Island to help out Job Corps, a federal gov't vocational training program for 16- to 24-year-olds. The best part was pulling a carrot right out of the dirt! Here's the carrot in the dirt:

Carrot in the dirt

Here's a video of me pulling it out of the dirt and pretending to eat it right away:

And here I am actually eating it after washing it off:

What's up, doc?

"What's up, Doc?"

I also learned a few things, like how asparagus is a lot like bamboo shoots:

Asparagus shoots grow like bamboo!

Fully grown, it becomes leafy!

These are pretty funny-looking, too:



Bay Bridge Eastern Span Panorama from Treasure Island

Here's a panorama I shot of Bay Bridge construction from Treasure Island:

Best viewed fullscreen!

A wedding in India

A few photos from a wedding I attended in India:

The venue resembled a street fair:

The wedding venue resembled a street fair!

There was a CRANE CAM:


The groom arrives, surrounded by dancers:

The groom arrives, surrounded by dancing

The bride emerges from a curtain of light:

The bride emerges from a curtain of light

And finally, check out the EPIC EPICNESS of this video:

Epic wedding ceremony on a rotating platform from ToastyKen on Vimeo.

They are on a rotating platform, rotating! And there's non-stop flower petal cannon!

I don't think any other wedding I attend could live up to this. :P

Those are just a few of the photos, btw. See the full set of 20 photos here.

Nick on Mercury

It took him a while, but buddy Nick Hoverer from the 31st Century has finally started to blog about his trip to Mercury over on his blog ?3K.

Go check it out and subscribe! He's awesome. :)

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