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The Streets of Bengaluru

I took a trip around town in Bangalore1 on Good Friday2. On my way out, I spotted this scooter rider and passenger:

Scooter rider and passenger in Bangalore

You see male riders with male passengers much more often than you do in the US, but a male passenger with a female rider is still not too common a sight.

I went to Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. It seemed like a popular spot for local residents. I saw a lot of couples sitting on park benches. I stalked this couple, looking for just the right picture, probably far longer than was appropriate. :)

Resting Couple in Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Here are some scenes of people playing in the park, even though there were signs that literally read, "NO PLAYING". :\

Women and children in Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Young people playing in Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Young people playing in Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

I had trouble figuring out weather these women were just playing badminton with a round ball (instead of a shuttlecock), or if this is a different game?

Badminton with a round ball? in Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

In Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

I also found it interesting that she was wearing a colorful outfit underneath her chador.

Next, I went to the Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technical Museum, which was basically a science museum. While the Birla Science Museum in Hyderabad was really sad, this one was quite nice! The ground floor had a room of engines, displaying various engines and demonstrating the principles behind them. Here's a stationary bike that lets you push a ball up the tube:

Using pedal power to push a ball up

I just liked this sign because it sounds like it could be the title of a Kraftwerk or Daft Punk album:


The Exploratorium in San Francisco has this neat exhibit where an air cannon blowing up holds a ball in place because the air flows around all sides of the ball. The version here was even cooler, because the cannon was at an angle, but it could still hold the ball in place! And then they even let you rotate the cannon slowly to try to put the ball through a hoop!

Air cannon with ball trick Air cannon with ball trick

(The boy on the right has failed. The ball bounced off of the hoop and is on its way to the floor. :P)

Prepare yourself for the next one...



Monkey Me


Or perhaps: BandarKen!

I think it's neat how I was wearing just the right colors so that, even though I did a terrible job of hiding myself, and you can totally see my shirt and pants, I kind of blend right in, and the effect still works. :)

I wanted to visit some other museums, but they were closed due to the government holiday. I'll see if they're open tomorrow. I next attempted to go to Iskcon Temple. What a fiasco! (On my part! I'm sure the temple is perfectly nice.)

They didn't allow bags or cameras inside, but I hopped out of the car with my bag, hoping to get a picture from the outside. Unfortunately, it turned out you can't really see the temple easily from the street. So I tried to find my driver again, but for some reason I got a "not in service" message when I tried to call him!

And then it suddenly started raining! POURING!

An autorickshaw driver motioned me into his vehicle. I was skeptical, but he swore "no charge". I really had few options, since I had no umbrella, so I got in. We tried looking for my car, and I told him the license number. He said they usually park half a block up ahead, so I let him drive me there. He actually spotted the car for me. I asked how much, and he said 20 rupees, which was very reasonable. So I tipped him, too. Hurray for a driver who was actually nice! :)

I had originally intended to drop off my bag and check out the inside of the temple, but at this point all I wanted to do was go home. :P Here's a photo I shot on the way back:

Sudden torrential downpour in Bangalore

I also saw a stairwell where water was just cascading down the steps. Crazy. Early monsoon season? :\

Next up: I don't know! I'm actually all caught up with posting pictures! But I'm going out in Bangalore again tomorrow, so you might see some of those? And then when I'm back in the US, I'll process the few videos and panoramas that I took. Oh, and wedding photos eventually, too, of course!

1 Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Mumbai (Bombay), and many other Indian cities successfully shed their colonial names, but "Bengaluru" hasn't quite caught on here in Bangalore. The official rename has been stalled by the central government, and most people here still call it Bangalore. That said, "Bengaluru" has the same number of syllables as "San Francisco", so I used it in the title of this post. :P ^

2 Unbeknownst to me when I booked the trip, Good Friday is public holiday here in Bangalore! It's not in the US, even though we have 10 times as many Christians. :P But of course, the political situations are very different. The US has that whole Separation of Church and State thing, so Christmas is the only one that snuck in. India takes the opposite approach: Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Parsis, and Sikhs all get official public holidays! (It varies from state to state, though.) ^

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We want more monkeys!

great day it looks like! i especially loved the moto shot, but the rest are swell as well... and damn, nice rickshaw man...you can't hope for much more as a traveler

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