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Attention to detail in Intel's "The Chase" commercial

First, check out this awesome Intel commercial:

Fun, but what I really like about it is the attention to detail, like how instead of just having windows fly around, they often actually show a mouse cursor dragging them, or dragging scroll bars. But the best parts are the text! For instance, just before the ASCII art starts, you can actually read it if you watch it in HD. I've taken a screenshot. Click below to enlarge (and you might have to click again to get your browser to zoom in):

It's the protagonist's debriefing! Since it's kind of hard to read, even in 1080p, I've transcribed it at the bottom of this post. I particularly like all the overt plugging of the "Intel® Core™ i5". :)

The other interesting bit was how, in the elevator scene, the elevator is actually blog of the old lady in the elevator! Again, click to expand the blog post screenshots:

Pretty legible, so I won't bother with a transcript. And in fact, this time, when I searched for some of the text from it, I found the actual fake blog! Slightly different formatting, though.

Now that, in turn, led me to discover a page telling me I've found Easter egg #7 out of 9! Sweet! So that's a bit of a spoiler, but other than that, I've been able to find three other Easter eggs pages so far. Having trouble finding more, though.

I'll point out spoilers on the other Easter eggs I've found in the comments below.

And here's my transcript of the debriefing. I cleaned up the junk characters, but note that some of the text on both sides are chopped off:

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