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Russian Cruiser Varyag in San Francisco

The Russian cruiser Varyag is in town. It's the first time a Russian warship has docked in San Francisco since 1863! I didn't have time for the ridiculously long line to go aboard, but I took several pictures from shore. My favorite is this one because of the awesome expressions:

See a larger version.

I also like this walking stereotype:

G-Man by Russian Cruiser Varyag

See the rest of the set here.

Davies Symphony Hall


View it Large or View it Even Larger

Davies is so gorgeous, but usually there's a performance, so photography isn't allowed. Hurray for attending a graduation there! :D

How I found my CompactFlash card

Several weeks ago, I lost one of my CompactFlash cards. I keep two spare ones in a small pouch. One night, after uploading some photos to my computer, I couldn't find one of them. There was only one left in my pouch. I looked under the coffee table, I looked in my camera bag, I looked under the couch, I checked my pockets. Nothing.

I have this reclinable couch with fixed cushions, so I assumed maybe it fell into my couch and was gone for good. My place is also a bit of a mess, so maybe it was just under a pile of magazines somewhere. I just hoped it'd turn up before my next vacation, or I'd have to buy a new one.

* * *

Last night, I was again uploading some pictures, and I lost my other spare! Wtf! My pouch was just empty! I checked my camera bag, though, and I immediately found it! I had mindlessly stowed it directly into my bag without putting it in the pouch first.



I suddenly realized that this was also the most likely scenario for how I lost my previous card. I searched my camera bag more thoroughly this time, and I found the card I lost weeks ago buried at the bottom.

* * *

I had been so convinced of the couch theory that I just gave up my search before and didn't take other theories seriously. But once I found the second card I lost, I gained renewed confidence in the camera bag theory and focused there.

An interesting lesson!

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