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Wednesdays. I never could get the hang of Wednesdays.

Six months ago, I tried out Track Your Happiness, a project created by a Harvard Ph.D. student working for the professor who wrote Stumbling on Happiness.

Three times a day (adjustable), the website texts you with a link that you visit on your smart phone to immediately fill out a survey indicating how happy you are, and answering a few other questions. At the end of three weeks, it correlates the results.

Some of it feels too personal to share with a wide audience, but here's one result that took me entirely by surprise:


Apparently, I am miserable on Wednesdays. I had no idea I was miserable on Wednesdays, but the pattern is so clear! It's natural to be happy on weekends, but I felt the week was more even. But that's not what the numbers say.

I suppose this validates the core idea in Stumbling on Happiness, which was that we are very bad at judging what really makes us happy.

"N-n-na-ma-go to the-"

February 4, 2010, 12:55 am

JUST NOW: My computer screen goes dark along with the whole office. Pitch black! I can't see anything! Oh, my coworkers say it's just a power outage. I'm not blind. Then, I wake up. But I can't move.

It's dark. I can't move. I can't open my eyes. Sleep paralysis. Someone stutters, "N-n-na-ma-go to the-... N-n-na-ma-go to the-" It sounds like my voice, but it's elsewhere in the room with me! I can't open my eyes, but I can swivel. I spin. Around and around. I hear the voice, always from the same spot, just a few feet away from me: "N-n-na-ma-go to the-" I still can't open my eyes. I manage to stammer out, "Whhho's THERE?!"

I wake up. For real this time. I open my eyes. I'm in my bed. There's no one in the room with me. It's dark.

I turn on a lamp.


A new film I made with my friends Amy and Chris:

[YouTube Link]

Plug: Music from the first half is by Leviathan Brothers, a band that my friend Miles is in.

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