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The Ting Tings at Popscene

The Ting Tings @ Popscene

I went to see the Ting Tings tonight. I'm surprised that people I mention them to haven't heard of them, because I discovered them through an iPod commercial, hardly obscure:

The Ting Tings had a ton of energy live. Jules De Martino banged on the drums on night while Katie White sang vocals and occasionally played a guitar. (I think De Martino controlled the synthesizers with foot pedals.) They just released their first album, so they stretched out a lot of the songs with longer instrumental sections. That worked quite well, actually; it added to the dancy feel. (The audience section at 330 Ritch was way too packed at the sold-out show to actually do more than wiggle and bop though.) The crowd seemed pretty into it, and the way that Ting Tings songs tend to crescendo as they go along helped; at one point White told us they were going to switch it up with a slow song but decided to keep up the energy instead.

During some of the songs, White would bang on this ginormous upright bass drum. That was awesome. :P

A little over half an hour into it, they stopped for the encore tease. I don't know if the crowd was too cool for school, wasn't as into the band as it seemed, or was just surprised and confused, because there was zero cheering. The host had to work the crowd, asking us to cheer if we wanted to see the band back. At that point, the crowd did cheer for a bit, but it eventually kinda died out, with pretty pathetic attempts by some to give occasional hollers. (No one was really applauding for some reason.) I found it pretty sad.

Anyway, the band soon came back out. They started with a song where De Martino played guitar for a while to switch it up, and then I was happy to see them finish with my favorite song, That's Not My Name:

That made for a great ending. I thought they worked great live, and I hope to see them again in a larger venue some time, and with more songs.

And now the ugly: While their set lasted only 45 minutes, I waited another 45 minutes in the coat check line. During the first half, the line literally did not move at all. Well, it was more an amorphous mass than a line, so maybe the front of the line was thinning out? Or maybe someone lost their coat? All I know is that the only thing saving my sanity was the fact that Popscene was playing good music in the interim while I waited. :) (I recall hearing New Order's Blue Monday, MGMT's Kids, some sort of mashup featuring Kanye's Love Lockdown, MIA's Paper Planes, and even The Rapture's House of Jealous Lovers! (That last is probably my favorite dance song, but I don't have any friends who care about it. :P))

Btw, I should mention that I enjoy the Ting Tings' album, We Started Nothing. I thought it was a little annoying when I first got it, but it quickly grew on me, and I've been listening to it quite a bit in the car. To sum up: The Good: The Ting Tings were energetic and fun live. The Bad: Not sure why the crowd seemed into them one minute and uncaring the next. The Ugly: The 45 minute coat check wait. How hard is it to find people's coats quickly and efficiently?

P.S.: I was experimenting with high quality YouTube links and embeds with the first two YouTube videos in this entry. Do they run too slowly for anyone? You can open their YouTube pages and click "View in normal quality" below the video if they do.

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