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Dinner Party Ingredients

Dinner Party Ingredients

Friend invited me over for a dinner party. I liked how colorful this scene was.

On having a merry Christmas

So the radio can often been a frightening place come Christmas time, with sappy Christmas songs all the time. I discovered that the blues station on XM is pretty awesome during Christmas, though. Even sappy songs somehow sound cooler when they're sung in the style of the blues. But the best part is that you actually get to hear some sad songs, too, with lyrics about smiling on the outside "but inside I'm crying Christmas tears", and even "Santa took my baby away". :) True "Christmas blues"!

* * *

I looked up "Merry Christmas" on Wikipedia, and it redirected to the holiday greetings entry, which points out that "merry" has connotations of being tipsy or drunk in the UK. That's apparently part of why people say "Happy Christmas" there instead (even though it was the English and not Americans who came up with "Merry Christmas" in the first place). In fact, Queen Elizabeth II herself prefers "Happy Christmas" for precisely this reason, according to a former servant.

Given the tendency for the holiday blues to drive some people to drinking alone, while others drink eggnog socially and whatnot, I actually think this double meaning of "merry" makes me like the term "Merry Christmas" even more, because it's more layered and personal this way. You can take it to mean what you want.

And I guess to me, having a merry Christmas is about listening to Christmas blues music and finding delight in listening to sad songs. :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

To catch a liar

I just had a dream where I was watching a woman, a rural schoolteacher in Vietnam, get approved for emigration to the United States. She has to have an exit interview. She speaks English but no other foreign languages. For some reason the interviewer then conducts part of the interview in Pig-Latin.

Anyway, towards the end of the interview, the interviewer suddenly starts asking questions in Spanish then in French, and the woman says, "I don't understand." The interviewer says that those questions were to try to make sure she really didn't speak any other foreign languages, because people who did would forget they lied and just answer the question. I just thought that was interesting.

VR Chairs

VR Chairs

I thought these guys looked pretty ridiculous in their suits. :)

I dream of bunnies

Last night, I dreamed of walking back to my computer at work (where I normally use a blank screen screensaver) and seeing a bunny screensaver. My screen was full of all varieties of animated bunnies. There were some realistic cuddly ones, and there were some small, very abstractly drawn ones. There were white ones and gray ones and little patches of green grass that they were hopping around on. I was like, "I don't remember installing this bunny screensaver." But then I just sat there watching it for a while instead of waking my computer up and kinda chuckled at the cuteness of it. Then I got back to work.

Encounter with an appreciator of reading

So I was at KFC this weekend, and I had a novel in hand as I usually do when I go out to grab food on my own. While waiting in line, the elderly lady beside me asked, "What's your book about? It looks interesting."

"Oh," I replied. "It's a science fiction novel about the future, where there are these blackboxes that people can put in their spinal column to back up their personality, so that when you die, you can just restore your mind into a new body."

Her: "..."

Me: "It's also sort of a noir detective story, someone gets murdered, it's a mystery, stuff like that."

Her: *another long pause* "... Well, at least you're still reading! Not many people read these days."

Scorcese's wine commercial

Some wine company has gotten Martin Scorcese to direct a commercial/short film about him directing a lost Hitchcock film. I enjoyed it. :)

My new favorite restaurant

This sounds like the best dish ever. :) (My only concern is that you can never be sure what's in it... :P)

Train track market

This is pretty wtf. Be sure to watch to the end:

I wonder how many takes it took...

...to make this commercial? (There's a "Making of" in the Related Videos section.)

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