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The Go! Team at the Mezzanine in San Francisco

The Go! Team at the Mezzanine in San Francisco

(Project 365 Day 365 (actually 366))

[Because I accidentally labeled two days Day 86, I was actually done with Project 365 yesterday, though I thought it would be today. Look at yesterday's entry for more details. I decided to write my end-of-project notes there, since this entry's comment is going to be long enough as it is...]

A couple more shots:

The Go! Team with Melodica

You can't really see it well in this picture, but she's playing what I thought of as a "key-flute". It's apparently actually a melodica. (And I think the little bit of shoulder you see on the right is the leader of the band. :P)

The Go! Team at the Mezzanine in San Francisco

Today was an eventful day. First of all, I've been having kind of a bad week. So I was looking forward to tonight's The Go! Team concert. (They're this awesome band that's a mixture of 60s/70s pop, 80s action movie theme music, hip-hop, and cheerleader cheers!) I had bought two tickets, hoping to find someone to go with me, but I couldn't find anyone! I eventually I asked around at work, but all I found was someone else who also got two tickets but couldn't find a buddy. :P We decided to meet up at the show. The tickets were only $15, so eating the cost of the spare ticket wasn't a big deal.

Meanwhile, another friend mentioned that he's going to a screening Justin Lin's new movie. (Justin Lin directed the "milestone in Asian-America cinema" Better Luck Tomorrow. (Personally, I found Harold and Kumar to be a bigger breakthrough for Asian-American cinema.) Lin then "went Hollywood" and made Annapolis and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Now he's returned to his indie roots and made a mockumentary set in the 70s about trying to cast a double for Bruce Lee after his death in order to finish off Game of Death.) The director was going to be there, too, so I was curious.

I was running a little late. I had to go home after work to grab some stuff, including the concert tickets, and I couldn't find them! I eventually did, but that wasted some precious time. Then it started raining, and traffic slowed to a crawl on the highway. I noticed I was going to be at least 45 minutes late to the movie, so even though I already bought the ticket online, I decided to skip it. Oh well. More ticket money wasted.

I grabbed some dinner at a Korean place instead. (I love how at this place, when I ordered the rice bowl, they first gave me some Korean pancakes before the standard Korean appetizers, and then they gave me huge bowl of tofu stew on the side as well. One time when I was there they actually gave me free fish.)

Okay, so then I get to the venue, and I mention to the doorman that I have an extra ticket I'd like to get rid of. He tells me to go over to the line of people waiting to get tickets and just sell it to them. I go over there, and this big bouncer tells me I have to go around to the back of the line to sell my ticket. I'm a bit confused. Meanwhile, one of the guys in line who was about to go to the window says, "I'll buy it right now." The bouncer goes, "No no no. This is exactly what you can't do!" He directs me around the line to the back and tells me to do my business there. (I'm sure they had policies and all, but I didn't appreciate his attitude.) The guy who said he'd buy my ticket just gets his ticket from the window. I ask the guys in the back of the line, and they say they all have will-call already. So I think, screw this, decide not to bother trying to sell it, and just head on in.

As I walk in through the front door, my pager goes off! I'm on duty this week at work, which means that I need to go diagnose problems... Thing is, my normal phone broke last week, and I'm using an old phone with older phone numbers. I wrote down some of my friends' numbers on a sheet of paper, but I forgot to write down my coworkers' numbers. I want to ignore the page. I really don't want to have to go home at this point. But I don't have any of my coworkers' phone numbers to hand it off to someone else! I'm really stressing out at this point. All this crazy stuff happening, and now this!

Luckily, I eventually figure out how to use my pager to send text messages to my coworkers, and another on duty coworker tells me he'll take care of the problem. *Whew!* I breathe a huge sigh of relief at this point. I wasn't going to be able to enjoy the concert with this hanging over my head!

The concert, luckily, was awesome. The Go! Team is kinda weird in that it actually started out as an album recorded in some dude's parents' kitchen, and not as live gigs. There are lots of sampled cheerleading chants and such that are replaced by different singers in the live version. And a lot of what I thought was horns on the album was a harmonica live. I guess they don't have the money to bring a whole horn section with them. So musically, it didn't quite work as well, in that I think the album tracks sound better, but the ENERGY was definitely there! And they did have two complete drum sets. :) The whole crowd was totally into the music and jumping up and down and sideways throughout the show. It was great! That was exactly what I needed at the end of a rough week!

(I didn't actually manage to get a good shot of the actual band leader. After my encounter with that draconian bouncer, and because it was a relatively small venue, I decided to play it safe and only whipped out my camera toward the end of the show, when I wouldn't have much to lose on the off-chance they kicked me out. (...which of course I've never actually seen any venue do. That's another pet peeve of mine: unenforced (or worse: selectively enforced) rules that basically reward people who break the rules.))

Back when the show started, it had occurred to me that I had parked my car on Howard Street, where I once got a street cleaning ticket. (Street cleaning starts at 12:01am on that street. What the hell? People are still out! Literally like 20 cars in a row each had a ticket the time I got mine. So they clearly have no intention of cleaning the streets and actually enacted those times just as a source of income. :P) But anyway, I was like, no way I'm going to bother moving it now. This show is going to be worth it even if I get a ticket! :) And yeah, the concert was good enough for that. :)

This story has a bizarre coda:

After the concert, my newfound friend from work (the guy who also got two tickets and wasted one) had to retrieve his jacket from coat check. I told him I'd wait outside. But I was still kinda worried about getting a ticket, so I went back inside to tell him I was going to head out.

On my way back out, two tall guys in the coat check line intentionally blocked my path and loudly proclaim, "WAIT IN LINE LIKE THE REST OF US!" I think he was drunk. So I reply, "I'm exiting!" Then he's like, "Oh... He's EXITING..." His friends laugh. I find him so obnoxious at this point that I flip him off a couple of inches from his face. His friends are like, "Ooooo...." but they don't do anything as I leave. You have to realize that I can't even remember the last time I flipped someone off. It's just not something I do. Especially to 6-foot tall drunk guys. :P

Immediately afterward I felt kinda bad about it. I felt like I should've taken the high road. Maybe I could've said something like, "We're all having a good time. Why do you have to go and bring us down?" I don't know. :P Maybe flipping him off was the right thing to do. Who knows. So that felt like kind of a bummer end to the evening.

But then I got to my car... and no ticket! No street cleaning tonight. :) Yay! Happy ending to my day after all.

Plus today marks the end of my Project 365. Very eventful day.

I guess I was so pumped that I came home and typed like the longest Project 365/blog entry every. :)

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Yay, no ticket and no Mezzanine brawl!

I'm trying to remember, did you earn the first midnight street cleaning ticket at the free-for-us Metric show?

Yup. That was the one! And for the record, the NW side of Howard has street cleaning MWF at 12:01am, and the SE side has it TuTh at 12:01am. I think for the Metric concert I parked on the NW side on a Thursday night.

Damon Albarn also played the melodica when I saw him earlier this year. Odd little instrument. The Go Team also looks like a ton of fun - maybe I'll check them out if they're ever in the area!

And I can't imagine you flipping anyone off, ever. You're dangerous!

Yeah I can't imagine myself flipping people off either. Another friend postulated that it was because I was just so pumped up. :)

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