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King of the World

Um, so here's a wtf for you: Apparently, tomorrow, Monday, James Cameron, the director, is going to hold a press conference to unveil coffins containing the remains of Jesus, Mary, and Mary Magdalene. (Pause for a moment to think about what a coffin containing the remains of Jesus would mean.) These coffins have been under debate and research or a while now, and Cameron has been shooting a documentary about them. This is not an early April Fool's joke, as far as I can tell. So, like, how the hell could you positively ID two thousand year old remains, anyway? I guess that's what the documentary is supposed to answer? :P Okay, this is just so nuts. I don't have anything more to say about it. :) Found link via Ain't It Cool News.

Update Feb-27: Here's a video report about the press conference.

So then I'm reading about the Talpiot Tomb on Wikipedia, and there's a link at the bottom to the Wiki page for Death and resurrection of Jesus. And at the top of "Death and resurrection of Jesus", there's a Wikipedia template that reads, "This article or section needs additional references or sources to improve its verifiability." :D

Drinks and kills and Halo and Iraq

Drinks and kills and Halo and Iraq Playing Halo 2 online with voice chat often gives me glimpses into parts of this country that my sheltered self normally does not see. Much of what stands out are racist remarks, which I've blogged about. But sometimes it's more interesting. I bring you another edition of Overheard in Halo:

"So get this, man, the day before we were getting deployed to Iraq, we went down to this bowling alley, get some drinks and chill, right? But they kicked this one guy out of the bar because he was under 21. What the fuck, man? He's old enough to go over there and take someone's life, but he's not old enough to get a fucking beer? He was heading out to Iraq the next day."

"Yeah, that's fucked up, man."

Later, during the middle of a game, that same soldier was talking to several people at once:

Other guy: "So you were really in Iraq? You ever get any kills over there?"

Soldier guy: "Huh? Hey, at one point I went 23 and 2, man."*

Other guy: "What?! No, I mean in Iraq! You can't go 23 and 2 in Iraq!"

Another guy: "Yeah, you can go 23 and one..."

(Laughter all around)

Soldier guy: "Oh! ... Well, let me put it this way, man: I don't know if I did, and I don't wanna know if I did. We'll leave it at that."

*In the game, people use kill/death ratios to judge skill.

Junk Mail Juxtaposition

Two (physical) junk mail envelopes I got today, right next to each other:

A Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama Enclosed
Tibetan Prayer Flags Enclosed
Immediate Response Requested


Get Your Life Moving in the Right Direction
Get a Marines Baseball Cap with No Obligation

"Where did Kenneth go?" asked his reflection, or: Excluded Chinese

"Where did Kenneth go?" asked his reflection, or: Excluded Chinese

(Project 365 Day 123)

So it's President's Day today, and I wanted to take a President-themed picture. I know it's supposed to be for Washington and Lincoln's birthdays, but I figured I'd try to find do something relating to one of the lesser-known Presidents instead. Looking through a list of former Presidents, I found Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States.

So I looked through his info for something interesting, and hey! Turns out he signed the Chinese Exclusion Act into law in 1882. It was a federal law that was specifically designed to limit Chinese immigration. Yellow Peril and all that. A number of related laws followed, and large scale Chinese immigration didn't resume until 1965!

Even today, Title 8, Chapter 7 of the United States Code is still labeled, "Exclusion of Chinese"! Of course, all the sections are now "repealed" or "omitted". But still, what a way to remind us of our history. (I can hear the foreign exchange student applicants now: "History?")

And so I came up with this picture: "Excluded Chinese".

P.S.: On a more flippant note, if vampires don't have reflections, does this make me an anti-vampire? And what do anti-vampires do, anyway? Spit blood, feast on garlic, and get burned by darkness? :P

Wii hacks and remote charging and microwaves and sitting up straight and cartoons

Arte Luise Kunsthotel Room 306

So the controller for the Wii is a Bluetooth device, which means someone's written a driver to use it with your computer. Here are some nifty Wiimote hacks.

Speaking of remotes, how about charging your personal electronic devices from across the room?

Speaking of electromagnetic radiation, here's what happens when you put various objects in a microwave.

Speaking of science experiments, it's not good to sit up straight.

Speaking of, er.... links to websites? :P Here's an amazing list of 50 Greatest Cartoons.

And speaking of cartoons, to the right is room 306, the "Comic" room, of the Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin, where every room has a different artistic theme. Yes, that's a photograph of an actual room, not a drawing!

Shoreline Ticket Counter

Shoreline Ticket Counter

(Project 365 Day 102)

The ticket counter at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Can you tell I've been obsessed with the decrepit carnival look lately? :P

Vernor Vinge @ Long Now

Vernor Vinge @ Long Now

(Project 365 Day 119 Year 00001)

Vernor Vinge (pronounced VIN-gee), who wrote the mind-blowing novel A Fire Upon the Deep and the ground-breaking paper The Coming Technological Singularity, gave a talk at the The Long Now Foundation tonight.

The concept behind The Long Now is that we're constantly living for the next day, if not the next five minutes, and we need to sometimes take a step back and think about the next ten thousand years, instead.

Meanwhile, Vinge speaks of a "singularity" that may well happen within our lifetimes when, through technology, we create a super-human intelligence that then, through a feedback loop, creates exponentially superior intelligences, until there exist minds that are far beyond our comprehension. After this happens, the world may be turned into something we cannot possibly predict.

Tonight, he gave a speech about what might happen if the technology singularity DOES NOT happen. He doesn't bring us new information so much as a new way of framing the issue, a new way of looking at things.

For anyone who lives in the San Francisco area, I highly recommend checking out future Long Now seminars. (They call the series SALT: Seminars About Long-term Thinking.)

"This is Montana Civil Defense..."

I just caught the tail end of Terminator 3 on TV, and I want to reiterate what I said in my review three years ago: This movie has an awesome ending that the rest of the movie isn't worthy of. But man, is it an awesome ending.

Lego Mini Imperial Shuttle

(Project 365 Day 114)

I shot the shuttle in front of a poster, and then I shot the poster sans shuttle so I could manually mask out my hand in Photoshop.

Bloc Party Pro Wrestling

The opening riff from Bloc Party's Helicopter reminds me of a snippet of music from Nintendo Pro Wrestling. Here's a little one-minute video I made of the two mixed together:

Here's a link to the original Helicopter music video, if you want to hear the beginning of it.

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