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The most significant cell phone video to date?

So the official gov't video of Saddam Hussein's execution was silent and only went up to the tightening of the noose, but there was a cell phone video that contained not only the moment of execution, but also all the taunting of Hussein and his responses. (I've only read about it and have no desire to actually watch it.) This feels to me like the most significant use of cell phone videos to date, and in a way that's not gonna make things any better in Iraq...

Bowling Alley

I went to a bowling alley, but the wait was too long, so we didn't actually bowl. I did, however, take some pictures, stitched here into a QuickTime VR panorama. Drag left to pan the camera!

The still panorama version of this is my Project 365 Day 70 post.

Embedded version of the QTVR is below the fold.

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It's a Scrubs Christmas

This is kinda cute: Charlie Brown Christmas as rewritten and performed by the staff and cast of Scrubs.


Um, how did I manage not to notice that the Grind House trailer is out until today?


I just got the new Rapture album, and I am obsessed with the song Whoo! Alright - Yeah... Uh-Huh. The first half of the song is okay, but I just LOVE the second half. The chorus for that super dancy half goes:

o/~ People don't dance no more, they just stand there like this: They cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and diss. o/~

:) Here's a higher-quality QuickTime version, or you can use the embedded YouTube version below:

Stop-motion animal making film of stop-motion animals

This is an awesome little movie, composed of 5 one-minute shorts posted on YouTube. Here's the first clip. Look at that, then click on 2-5 in the "Related" panel on the right.

Scarab @ El Rincon

The Yes Go's were up before Scarab:

The TV was playing that Doors movie, but with a really terrible signal causing lots of scan lines that made everything look really freaky:

DJ Chika was spinning some awesome alt. hip-hop:

Some badass standing in the back: ;)

(Hm. Now that I look at it some more, those light patterns make it look like he's having flaming flatulence. :D)

"Scarab has finally been spotted."

(I'm jealous of people with bigger lenses than me. :P)


Apparently Felipe yells a lot: ;)


Scarab is for lovers:

Free Expertise

An audiobook version of John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise, narrated by himself, is available for free on iTunes. You may know him as the PC Guy from recent Apple commercials. (This is the book that he promoted as a guest on the Daily Show before being hired by the show.) Fun stuff. I like that it's not just a straight through reading. He's even got a theme song, sung by some other guy he occasionally stops to banter with, and I love it when he tries to narrate the tables in his book ("for the first time in audiobook history"). :)

Movie: 10 Items or Less

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Toast Toast Toast

I went to see this little movie that is basically an afternoon in the life of Morgan Freeman (playing a whimsically fictionalized version of himself) and Paz Vega (playing a grocery clerk at a run-down supermarket). It's being released by an experimental production company Freeman is involved in. I think they're releasing it for PC download two weeks after theater release or something like that.

Anyway, it's a light and simple movie that had me thinking: Wouldn't it be awesome i Morgan Freeman were a superhero who just went around talking people into improving their lives?

So yeah, Morgan Freeman is awesome. And he finally gets to swear again! His character in the movie is a once-famous actor who hasn't worked in four years. One look at his IMDb entry will reveal that if there's one thing the real Morgan Freeman is not, it's idle. :) And thank goodness for that!

Transformers should be fun

The Transformers full trailer is out. I don't like it. It makes the Transformers look like a horror movie. What the hell? The Transformers are supposed to be fun.

Coolest. Table. Ever.

How cool could a table be? you ask. Well, pretty darn cool.

Check out this radially expanding table.

Scarab @ The Vibe, Panorama

Here's Scarab at back at The Vibe, where they played once before. There were more people there this time:

Here's a big (1024x325) version on Flickr.

What cable access TV is all about

This dude is awesome. Behold Let's Paint, Exercise, and Blend Drinks TV!

Gullies on Mars?

[Gully on Mars?]

The latest evidence shows that water isn't just underground in Mars, it may in fact occasionally flow briefly on the surface.

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