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Halloween Weekend

[Ash 1] [Ash 2]

I'm dressing up as Ash for Halloween.

And they're building a new eastern span of the Bay Bridge. Tons and tons of cranes!

[Bay Bridge Cranes]

I have online OED access again! Woohoo! (And you might, too.)

Back in college, I could access the Oxford English Dictionary for free online, as long as I was on the college network. Life was good. Then I graduated, and I was sad.

A few weeks ago, my friend Nile pointed out to me that she can get online OED access through the Seattle Public Library. I was like, REALLY?! That's awesome! So I checked, and, lo and behold, I can get online OED access through the San Francisco Public Library as well! All I needed was a library card number (and all you need to get an SFPL library card is a California address). They have a whole bunch of other stuff you can access online, too. I am happy again.

Project 365 and Rooftop View

Judevac convinced me to do Project 365: Taking and posting one picture a day, of anything. I started a couple of days ago, and I've been uploading them to Flickr. You can see them all by looking at my Flickr pictures tagged project365. I'll probably try to set up a sidebar box or something at some point, but for now, I'm not going to post them all here on this blog. I'll only be posting ones I particularly like, like this one:

[Rooftop View]

The view from the roof deck of a party I went to. That couple at the bottom are on the roof of an adjacent building.

Tailgating Cops

(First, on an unrelated note, go check out my latest post on More Fantasticness!, You Know You Hang Out With Indian-Americans A Lot When...)

This morning, I was driving down the freeway in the fast lane, cruising at a reasonable distance behind another car, when that car changed lanes. I looked in my rear-view mirror before accelerating, and I saw a cop car there, lights off, but really frickin' close. I check my speedometer, and I happen to be going exactly 65.

Okay, so I've got a cop tailgating me, clearly just aching to get past me, but the lane to my right is packed. There's a gap ahead, and I've got a huge stretch of open road ahead of me in my own lane, but I'd have to pass the cars to my right to get there, and we're all going exactly 65.

Now, when some random schmoe is tailgating me, I'm merely annoyed, but when a cop car is tailgating me, I'm nervous. I eventually decide to cruise ahead at around 66 mph and slowly... slowly... slowly pass the car to my right, switching lanes at the first opportunity (though I should have cleared my space before moving). At this point, of course, the cop car speeds ahead.

My problem with this situation is two-fold: First is that tailgating is illegal and dangerous, and the cop should not have been tailgating me just to pass me, though admittedly it might be tough getting places as a cop because everyone slows down to 65 mph wherever you go. :P

Second is the sheer ridiculousness of the situation:

  • The cop wanted to get past me.

  • I could've easily gotten out of the way by accelerating to 70 mph for a few seconds so I could change lanes.

  • I was afraid to go any faster because there was a cop behind me.

Okay, to combine the two: What if, in this situation, I did accelerate to get out of the cop's way, and I got a ticket? Could I consider that entrapment, because the cop broke the law to catch me? :P

First Roger Ebert review since June

Roger Ebert provides us with an update on his condition. He was basically sedated and out of it for the months of July and August, and now he's slowly recovering and undergoing physical therapy. Luckily, in his own words, he "didn't lose any marbles". His doctors think he'll be back to work full-time early next year, but in the meantime, he's reviewed a new release from a DVD: The Queen, which he gave 4 stars. He ends his update with:

How does the Joni Mitchell song go? "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone"? One thing I've discovered is that I love my job more than I thought I did, and I love my wife even more!

One thing I've discovered is that I love Roger Ebert's reviews more than I thought I did.

Orson Brain

[Orson Brain] So I happened upon a video that mixes Pinky and the Brain visuals with Orson Welles' voice. Neat idea, and it's amazing how much the Brain sounds like Orson Welles. It matches up a bit too well, though... So then I watched the original Animaniacs segment, called Yes, Always. Whoa.. It's almost word for word like the original! Practically the only differences are where they cleaned up Welles' swearing.

Turns out the audio clip is from an infamous voiceover session Welles attempted to do for Findus Foods, Animaniacs was parodying it. (There's even a Wiki page about it.) They're not the first to parody it by adding visuals, either. Here's a live-action re-enactment where they use actors for the visuals over the unedited original audio. I think I like the Animaniacs version better.

But man, what an obscure reference for a childrens' show! I totally need to go back and watch Animaniacs episodes over again.

P.S.: Note that in the first video I linked to (the mash-up), the voice actor who plays Brain (or someone claiming to be him) actually posted a comment.

P.P.S.: The image to your right is not actually part of any of the videos. I whipped that up just now. :P

Kim's got the bomb

There was a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in North Korea, and it was not really an earthquake. Here's the NYTimes on North Korea's first underground nuke test.

Here's another NYTimes article, this one about StarCraft player celebrities in South Korea. Maybe they'll have to recruit some of those strategic minds. :P

300 Trailer

I blogged about the upcoming movie 300 before. Well, now the trailer is finally out. It looks pretty sweet. (Mmm... Nine Inch Nails....)

Now with more fantasticness than ever before

So my friend Saheli, who had a blog here has moved it and split it into three blogs! Her personal blog is Saheli* II, her work-related business innovation blog is Soft Gadgets & Hard Numbers, and then there's More Fantasticness!, a group blog where various friends of hers (including yours truly) can all post. Meanwhile, you can also just go to http://www.sahelidatta.com/ to see a consolidated view of all three blogs.

I designed the whole site with input from Saheli. It's based on this template, but I've tweaked it heavily. (Integrating three blogs and setting up the color coordination was most of the work.) So please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about the formatting, or if there are any bugs. Um, now I just have to use what I learned to finish formatting my own blog. :P

I've also made one post to More Fantasticness! so far, this one about SquidSoap.


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