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How MIT hackers commemorated September 11

Now this is how MIT hackers commemorate September 11: They put a vintage fire truck on top of the Great Dome, complete with model fireman and dalmations, and a reworked MIT "Mens et Manus" seal where the two characters are fireman, and where the label now says "Meminimus", Latin for "We Remember". Also, of course, it has a working red light that turned on to flash and rotate at night.

James Bond does not play Hold 'Em!

I haven't had the chance to get geekily indignant about upcoming movies lately. (Well, okay, maybe with the exception of Transformers movie robot design leaks. ) Anyway, there's a new Casino Royale trailer out. Now, there are people who've complained about 007 being blonde in this one, and how he's too buff. But I'm going to join one of the commenters on Ain't It Cool News in condemning their choice of card game, instead: It appears that James Bond and the villain play Texas Hold 'Em!

Wtf! James Bond does not play Texas Hold 'Em! He plays Baccarat! Okay, so I have no idea how the hell you play Baccarat, but... but... that's the point! Baccarat is the game of the cultured, the aristocratic gambler. It shows that Bond knows how to hobnob with the wealthy. Everyone and their dog knows how to play Hold 'Em! Lame!

Okay. That concludes my geeked out rant about something that really doesn't matter. :)

P.S.: I have nothing against Hold 'Em. I actually like it a lot. It's just not what 007 should be playing! I mean, I pretty much associate Baccarat with James Bond! I guess I lied about concluding my rant. :)

* * *

In unrelated news, the narrator's voice on this video totally cracks me up. Where did they find this guy?!

Awesome Zero 7 Concert

Pictures from this awesome Zero 7 concert I went to Wednesday night.

José González appears on their new album, and he opened for them as well, with an acoustic set. I must say I find him a tad bit boring most of the time, even though his guitar work can definitely be pretty cool. That's him.

And here's most of Zero 7 and their assorted guest musicians:

So the thing is, on their albums, they're a downtempo band, kinda mellow for the most part. You might call them "lounge music" or something.

But they really rocked it up live! They were jammin', and discoin', and it was super lively in there. Totally unexpected. And Sia, the lady singing in the picture there, was hilariously full of energy. She'd sing some song all seriously and soulfully, and then right afterward, she'd jump around all hyper! Or hug another band member! :)

Unfortunately, I could only capture the calmer moments in photograph form. I mean, I could barely get clear pictures while they weren't moving; when they were all bouncing around, all I could get were blurs. So these pictures don't remotely do justice to how fun the show was!

Okay, I have no idea what this instrument is:

That dude in the red hat is one of the two actual core members of the band. He wore the dorkiest hat with the dorkiest suspenders. It was awesome. :)


The following night, I visited my friend Guillermo's gallery opening (stencil art by him and his students), and there was some guy (not Guillermo!) playing really strange music on electronic drums while projecting the oddest puppet movie behind him. I can't say I liked it. At all. But it was interesting. :) Here are a couple of snaps from his performance:

I have no idea what his name was.

Scarab at Johnny V's

Pictures from the show that I made the flyer for. :)

"Four Skelchies"

A glimpse of Lisa.

Felipe, larger than life!

They look liked they're facing away from each other, all pissed or something, but we're actually looking at Mark through a mirror... so they're really facing toward each other!

Did I just blow your mind?

The revolution will be blogged.


And, just to make sure you can't sleep tonight, here's a completely undoctored picture from the evening. :-o

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