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You do not remember me.

Here's a creepily mesmerizing video of how they made a virtual Marlon Brando for the new Superman movie.

What to do if the apocalypse comes

So if you one day find yourself a survivor in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, (the best kind of wasteland!) and humanity has reverted to hunger-gatherer society, make your way to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. It is there that a vault is being constructed to safeguard seeds for the world's food crops. Now, I'm sure it'll be kinda tough finding the expertise to sail north of the Arctic Circle when we're all hiding from armies of giant ants, but at least we'll know where to go.

Sidenote: I was going to write "Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard", which is technically accurate, but it's also apparently one of only four special political entities in the world recognized by international treaty, the others being Hong Kong, Macau, and the Finnish autonomous region of Åland. Svalbard is unique in that all countries are welcome to exploit its resources.

Vrooom! Wooosh!

A few years ago, Honda made a really cool ad called Cog that I blogged about. Now they have a new nifty ad, using a choir of 60 people to recreate various sounds of the new Civic. Go to this link and click "Watch" after it loads. The rehearsal scenes are pretty surreal to watch.

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