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Ma Bell is dead. Long live Ma Bell!

So the gov't broke off lots of Baby Bells from AT&T, but they all started merging again. SBC is in the process of buying out the remnants of AT&T, which I found oddly sad. Now, they've announced that they're going to take on the AT&T name after the merger for branding reasons. And so the circle of life completes!


When I get home late at night after a bad day at work, I have trouble sleeping because I've had such an unsatisfying day. Sometimes, that compels me to doodle, after which I feel much happier. Tonight, the aforementioned chain of events produced the first ever klog logo!

(It is not, however, my first homepage logo.)

P.S.: Apparently, no one gets the whole "klog" thing, even with the subtitle that's always been there. :\

The original snake on a plane?

In reference to my Snakes on a Plane post, it suddenly occurred to me that there has been at least one prior big screen appearance of a snake on a plane. Scroll down to the third still on this Raiders of the Lost Ark quotes page. :)

Of course, that was only one snake.

I've been reading too much about movies

I had a dream that I went to watch Flightplan, which I haven't actually seen. In the version in my dream, Jodi Foster found her daughter only after discovering a red wire and a blue wire that she had to tap on these metal contacts on her daughter's belly in a certain pattern. And when she did that after getting off the plane at the airport, it turned out it was a trap, and BOOM!

She was somehow with Orlando bloom at the time, who also blew up. But yet, her daughter survived, and Orlando Bloom also had an infant son, who survived as well. Both kids were flung through the air toward me. So then suddenly I became a single father who had to take care of two kids, and I was like, "Dammit, how am I supposed to find a girlfriend now."

Then I woke up.

Now I have to go to work.

P.S.: Someone was talking about Elizabethtown, and saying that Orlando Bloom is prettier than Kirsten Dunst. Apparently, there are 140 Google hits right now for "orlando bloom is prettier". :P

Monkmobile and Monkvest

I'm waiting for the Monkarang. But seriously, this is kinda sad.

The Evolution of Guinness

Here's a cool Guinness commercial.

Broadcasts from North Korea

Here's a rock video made by North Koreans for broadcast in South Korea. It's called Fucking USA. :P

Personally, I prefer this song from North Korean TV called, Potato Pride! Let's hear it from all the taters out there! Woo!

But naturally, nothing can top this song about the Dear Leader himself!

In (mostly?) unrelated news, solar powered skull!

The Keymaster Records a Country Album

Rick Moranis has recorded a country music album!!! It's called "Agoraphobic Cowboy".

Any Animal You Want in 30 Days

Here's a guy called Benny Agra, who sells exotic animals for overnight delivery. The best part is the TV ad, which you simply must see. (It loads very slowly, but just be patient, and it'll eventually start playing.) For God's sake don't click on the "Good Eating Pets" link, though.

Snakes! On a plane! With Samuel L. Jackson!

In 2006, there will be a movie, starring Samuel L. Jackson, called SNAKES ON A PLANE. I kid you not. Here is the IMDb entry. Here are some production stills. Here is a brief interview with Samuel L. Jackson:

Beaks: One of those films that you’re working on right now is... well, it’s called "Pacific Air 121"—

Jackson: Snakes on a Plane, man!

Beaks: Exactly.

Jackson: We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.

Beaks: Snakes on a Plane! That’s everything!

Jackson: You either want to see that, or you don’t.

And there's not even a trailer out yet, but there are already [two] [t-shirts] people made, the second care of this comic.

This is gonna be the movie with the most snakes on a plane, ever!


Also, some people are already trying to turn it into a slang term. (Many of these links courtesy of the Jacobian.)

Snakes on a plane!

[Smurf Bombing] The only movie that might be better than Snakes on a Plane? UNICEF's movie depicting the aerial bombardment of Smurf Village. I kid you not.

The reactions ranged from approval to shock and, in the case of small children who saw the episode by accident, wailing terror.

The short film pulls no punches. It opens with the Smurfs dancing, hand-in-hand, around a campfire and singing the Smurf song. Bluebirds flutter past and rabbits gambol around their familiar village of mushroom- shaped houses until, without warning, bombs begin to rain from the sky.

Tiny Smurfs scatter and run in vain from the whistling bombs, before being felled by blast waves and fiery explosions. The final scene shows a scorched and tattered Baby Smurf sobbing inconsolably, surrounded by prone Smurfs.

Julie Lamoureux, account director at Publicis for the campaign, said the agency's original plans were toned down.

"We wanted something that was real war - Smurfs losing arms, or a Smurf losing a head -but they said no."

Update Jan-23-2006: I finally found a couple of copies of the video, and I blogged about that.

The Original Hampster Dance

I found a mirror of the original Hampster Dance. Yay! Blast from the past! The original site had morphed into something supercommercialized, and I was disappointed to find that their version of the original version has a modified song.

Hm. While we're at it, here's the original Mahir I KISS YOU page. :)

"I wonder if there's a Mahir Dance?" you ask. Well, this is the Internet. Everything exists!

Oh. My. God. Back in 2001, Mahir released an honest to goodness dance single called "I Kiss You", available on eBay, as well as Amazon. And there are a couple of comments for the unavailable import version.

Train in the woods

I love how surreal this picture looks. It's from the flickr site of the guy who does the awesome photoblog daily does of imagery.

Hello from Snowy San Francisco

What's this? Did he bounce off of a trampoline? It's San Francisco, after all. It couldn't be...

Oh, but it could!

These pictures are from this Flickr photoset of an event held in San Francisco last Thursday, taken by someone who calls himself "Telstar Logistics". People trucked in tons of crushed ice, covered up a section of Fillmore, and held a ski and snowboard jumping competition.


Jesus Toast Begets MIT Toast

[MIT Toast]

[Jesus Toast] That was the MIT homepage on Sunday. Seriously! It's been changed since, since it was part of their spotlight program. That particular spotlight was on this interview with an "MIT-based artist" who "discovered" a slice of Jesus Toast. ... !!!

It was a good day for Toast.

P.S.: Why do I get the feeling this post, featuring nothing less than JESUS TOAST, will get far fewer hits and comments than my Hello Kitty Toaster post? Oh, kids today....

The most damning background dirt of all

This really amuses me.. So you may have heard about Bush's new Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers. There are many complaints about her, that she has no judicial experience, that she's been a Bush loyalist for ten years, that she had the illustrious title of Texas State Lottery Commission, and a CBS opinion writer all but called her stupid. Leave it to Slashdot, though, to present the most damning background dirt of all: She was... *gasp* a MICROSOFT LAWYER! :D

And now for something completely different: ROCKET PUNCH! (Be sure to click "next" at the top to see the rest of it.)

Ars Acne

So I'm browsing Ars Technica, a geek news site, and they recently introduced three blogs, one about games, one about Microsoft, and one about Apple. They list the titles of the latest entries from all three blogs on their front news page. Most of the entries today were quite typical:

  • Windows XP SP3 coming
  • Gamefly takes a public swipe at chain video game stores
  • Apple finally confirms (very, very) quiet Mac mini upgrade

You know, the usual. But then I see this:

I was like, WTF?!?! Pimple treatments on Ars?! But then it turns out it's some kind of electrical device that triggers a "heat shock response" in the P. acnes bacterium. Wackiness.

Of course, the fact that it's an electrical gadget still doesn't explain why it was in the gaming blog. The answer to that I shall leave as an exercise for the reader.

Floppy shoes

In his latest Answer Man column, Ebert relates a story George Burns once told him:

"There was a guy, a tramp comedian named Joe Jackson. He was famous for how he handled the curtain. He had these big, floppy shoes, and he'd stand onstage just where the curtain fell, so his toes would be sticking out under the curtain. So the audience knows he's still there. They go crazy, applauding. Meanwhile, Jackson slips out of the shoes. He waits until the applause is dying down, and then he steps out from the side of the stage in his stocking feet. That brought the house down.

"One night, the curtain comes down. Jackson steps out of his shoes. Then he dies backstage. Drops dead. The audience knows the gag, see, and so they're cheering, applauding ... the greatest ovation Joe Jackson ever got, and he didn't live to hear it.

"When I tell that story, people sometimes burst into tears. I hate to break the news to them that I made it up."

Also, from his webmaster's blog comes this really bizarre commercial for the premier of Lost in the UK. Even American products get cooler advertising in Europe. :P

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