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Classic Mac Games Ported to Mac OS X

I just created a new permanent page about Classic Mac Games Ported to Mac OS X. Can you believe that no such page previously existed (that I could find, anyway)? How can something NOT already exist on the Internet?!

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I'm not sure if Chopper was a classic Mac game?

That's actually a clone of an old Apple ][ game called Choplifter, which was awesome, certainly. There were clones of Choplifter for the Mac, but the game you link to is a clone of the original rather than a clone of the Mac clones, so I can't say it applies. :)

Oo, that reminds me of this really awesome game called Armor Alley which was sort of like Choplifter except you could also rally tanks and various other vehicles, so it was almost like a proto-RTS. Too bad there's no updated port of that game!

Yeah, Armor Alley was *awesome*. It was such a source of disappointment that I was unable to get it to run on my SE after playing it at a friend's house. (Jason's, in fact.)

So, on your page you mention that Dome Wars isn't a true port because it was updated.

In actuality, the current version of Dome Wars was written years ago (before being ported to OS X) but never released for a variety of reasons. So, not much was updated when it was ported to OS X...

I'd like to see the original PacTheMan Classic addition. They did an update for OSX but it's different.

Descent II is available for OS X on versiontracker for free! Heck yeah! All is original except the soundtrack, but iTunes is available during gameplay.

Do you know where I can get the original Crystal Quest for Mac OS? I used to play it back in the day and would love to have it again. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

Cynthia, so if you're talking about getting the actual original Crystal Quest, you can find it on the Mac "abandonware" site Macintosh Garden. You'd have to have an old Mac or an emulator of an old Mac to run that. (And, of course, abandonware is technically illegal, so use at your own risk.)

hey i noticed your site and i think it's awesome that someone is doing this. there is one specific game that i have been looking for for ages though, that is shuffle puck café. one of the greatest games for the old macs i must say, would appreciate it incredibly much if you could help me convert this game to os x ^

Hi, Viktor. Your comment spurred me to go hunting for Mac OS X Shufflepuck clones, and all I really found was a shareware clone called Shufflepuck Revolution. [Scroll to the bottom.] The gameplay is a bit easy, though, and the graphics are a weird mixture of rather impressive and totally horrible. :) (In particular, it has nifty 3D effects that look better while running than in the screenshot on the site.) It's worth a look.

Hi, all. There used to be a game called Blobbo for classic. It was an amazing game. I think it would be wise to add it to the list.

I'm surprised you don't have Sean D Ansorge's two arcade games - PegLeg and PegLeg 2 published by Changeling software for the Mac 68k -- http://www.macintoshgarden.org/games/pegleg

That's probably my favorite arcade game - even more than Galaga.

It would nice if someone from http://www.libsdl.org could port the original PegLeg to Mac OS X or Windows.

It was nice to see Maelstrom ported to Windows.


I thought there was also a 'Star Castle' clone for Mac 68k way back when.
At least there's this -- http://www.thepcmanwebsite.com/media/star_castle/star_castle.shtml

Thanks for this page.

Steve, I think by Mac version of Star Castle you were thinking of Cyclone:



Thanks so much for the list! I don't have any leads, but I hope you keep it updated!

I don't know if it has been mentioned in the comments, but i think you should get the Myth series (:

The original Tomb Raider games (the first four). It would be nice if they got a port to OS X :D

Please port blobbo for Mac OSX. I loved that game, and then my iBook died after 5 years. I never got through all the levels and enjoyed the logic of it all.

yeah i would also like to know about how i can play blobbo lite on my mac os x?? thankyou!

Please, Please, Please, tell me how to get a hold of Warcraft Orcs and Humans for OS X.
I've been searching for days and have had no luck.
Help would be much appreciated.


Any "news" of Populous?
That one was on Mac OS 7 on my IIfx...


news about a version of PEGLEG for OSX? One of the all time greats!

I second the motion for PEGLEG (not Pegleg II, mind you), my favorite game of all time. The deeply addictive PEGLEG has the most appealing and excellent graphics and soundscape that haven't (to this day) been equalled by any similar game.

I miss and hope for revival of this game and periodically search year after year hoping to find it.

The clever company that reissues a 'port' of this game will net big revenue. I'd be willing to fork out significant bucks for it, as would, I imagine, its large, pining fanbase.

Hope someone out there is listening

PEGLEG [1994] by Sean D. Ansorge, published by Changeling Software

Peg leg please !!!!

Descent and Descent II have ports for modern OSes at dxx-rebirth.com.

Peg leg for osx please !!!! I've missed that game ever since those "old days"

I miss PegLeg and PegLeg 2 too!

I have PegLeg 2 in a backup disk, and played it until Rosetta worked.

Nobody will resurrect this game? :-(

I want to see the Pegleg games and Diamonds (both monochrome and color versions) on modern Macs.

If you're looking for Star Castle, there's also Star Citadel, which runs fine in a browser on OSX (as well as iOS):


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