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Nile & Matt's new blog

Nile & Matt have a new blog. I've linked to it on the left, there, too. :)

Tsunami Home Videos

Here are some home videos Stephen pointed me to of the recent tsunamis. All WMV format:

[Update Dec-30: Here is a page with direct video links without any need for BitTorrent. Also, Google now has a page up with relief help info.]

[Update Dec-29: Apparently, that site got too much traffic, and it's only hosting the video via BitTorrent seeds now, so you'll have to use BitTorrent to get them at this link.]

patong_beach.wmv - This one shows was shot from a pretty tall building. It shows a pretty darn big wave. You can't really see any people in this one.

tsunamiphuket.wmv - This one shows an elderly couple being swept away from a railing. Apparently, the man has been found but the woman has not. So factor that into whether you want to watch this clip.

sri_lanka_tsunami.wmv - This one was shot from an upper floor of a hotel, by someone who actually speaks English. :P It also shows some people who stuck around by the end of the water until it started coming in... but they luckily seem to outrun it in this case.

J. F. Kennedy Fried Chicken

Satan's Laundromat does investigative journalism! Okay, not really, but here's a fun series on some KFC clones.

Robots from Mercury

So I was at another OneBrick event this evening. It was a book sorting thing over at the warehouse for the Mercury News. Guess what they had? ROBOTS! Okay, so they're really just bigass automated carts that moved around on tracks and picked up various giant crates of what I can only assume are newspapers (maybe paper for printing?), so they didn't have arms and heads or anything... but still!

I mean, I know there are some hospitals now have robots that get around the hospital without tracks, and even use the elevators and stuff... but still! :)

Rat neurons control simulated jet fighter

This is just crazy: University of Florida scientists grew rat brain neurons in a petri dish, and then turned it into a living neural net computer to control a simulated F-22 jet fighter.


(If you run into registration issues on The Age there, you can read this Register version, though it bugs me because the Register "reporter" just cut-and-pasted sentences from the The Age story together without rewording. Awful sketchy if you ask me.)

Update: I emailed the Register about the cut-and-pasting, and to their credit they replied right away, telling me the author's an intern who's going to get "more training". :P I kinda feel bad, but not really. :)

Food restaurant

Speaking of food, I've been meaning to link to what must be the best restaurant ever.

I am media-obese

Here's an interesting concept: media obesity. Because high-calorie foods used to be hard to find, we evolved a desire for them. They're cheap now, so we overeat and get fat. The author of that blog post suggests a similar issue with media: Maybe it used to be hard to get our hands on information, which was a valuable survival tool. Now, we're flooded with information, and so people like me get addicted to the Internet, constantly searching for more information beyond the point of diminishing returns.

I need to go on a media diet. Perhaps I can start by not regularly reading blogs about the media? :)



(Addendum: This ties in with thoughts I was having the other day, too, which I can summarize metaphorically here with: I need to eat less and start cooking again.)

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