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My one complaint about Kill Bill

Toward the end of the movie, when Bill starts talking about Superman, it took me out of the movie for a moment. It was fine when Bill talked about the legend of Pai Mei and so forth, but talking about comic books seemed out of character, it it felt more like a story Tarantino wanted to tell than a story Bill would really tell. If only there were at least one more scene with him talking about superheroes to his daughter, say, something like that... As it was, I just didn't find that believeable.

Where would we be without technology? Food edition

Coke is giving away special can-shaped cell phone/GPS devices that will let the winner tell Coke where to deliver the SUV they just won.

% ./pizza_party -o -m -z -x 1 s d

That would be me using a command-line program to order a pizza! (One small deep-dish with onions, mushrooms, anchovies, and extra-cheese, to be exact.) Sweet!

The Importance of Teeth

So I got a wisdom tooth pulled, and I'm still kinda swollen. I can chew with effort now, but I couldn't the first 2 days after I had it pulled. It just made me realize how freaking important teeth are. I mean, not being able to chew food just felt ridiculous. It was just really really wrong. I couldn't eat most foods! Talk about something that you take for granted! Craziness.

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