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Rubber duckies soon to conclude 12 year journey at sea

A shipment of rubber duckies that went overboard near Alaska in 1992 is about to wash ashore in New England. There are scientists who actually tracked the duckies' voyage, in order to study ocean currents. Now there's a job. :)

Christmas in September

I took this picture outside of Macy's on September 27:

[Christmas in September]

Yes, I said September 27. I'm not sure what else there is to say, really. :)

A San Francisco Night

So tonight judevac dragged me to a Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man concert. (Update Nov-04: she blogged about it as well..) Gibbons was the singer for Portishead, and Rustin Man is Paul Webb from Talk Talk. Judevac has their album, which is overly mellow and moody, so we were both only expecting it to be so-so. Indeed, the opening act was a pleasant but boring guy whose name I've already forgotten.

But the concert was awesome! The accompaniment ranged from a single guitar to a full band with guitar, cello, drums, keyboard/synthesizer, accordian, and violin. Gibbons' singing ranged from that lounge singing-ish stuff to what could've been an aria. And she sang so emotionally.. I have to assume she does some sort of method-acting thing.. It's gotta be pretty exhausting.

I liked some of the little touches, too.. They ramped up their last pre-encore song to nearly head-banging levels... and then they started to leave the stage, one by one... until there was no one left, but there were still instruments playing! Then a guy came out from off-stage and turned off the synthesizer.

It reminded me of a scene from Mulholland Drive, where you're watching this soulful opera singer.... And then she collapses, but her singing goes on. Kind of surreal.

Beth Gibbons seemed very shy; she didn't like to talk much. During the first song, she even sang part of it with her back turned to the audience. Much of the lighting put her in silhouette, too. I think it added to the whole mysterious and spooky feel of her songs. But after the concert was over, she grabbed a cigarette and then walked to the end of the stage and started shaking hands with the audience.. She was still doing that when we left several minutes after the concert ended!

Anyway, it was just an amazing show.

In addition to the show, I also got a nice taste of San Francisco. When we first got to the concert, we were sitting next to a scary-looking lesbian couple. One of had a buzzcut and wore a combat tanktop, etc. And they were speaking to each other in German! :) Then later, after the opening act, a couple of cute girls sat down next to us, one of them a sweet-looking Berkeley girl. I didn't get to talk to them much before the show started, though. :P

At the next table over, there was this college-aged Asian kid wearing a Massive Attack t-shirt, sitting there all by himself. He looked so lonely! I definitely need to find more concert buddies. I have no plans to go to concerts alone after seeing that guy. :P

After the show, on the corner of Powell and Geary, we ran into a crowd admiring this funk band playing on the sidewalk. Not too unusual, right? It had the expected racial makeup, except... their lead singer was an Asian girl singing and rapping in Korean! Pretty darn bizarre act. :)

Finally, on my way home on the Muni, this one guy boards the train wearing: a black trenchcoat over a ruffled (yes, ruffled) black shirt, three necklaces: two with pentagrams and one with an ankh, and a top-hat with a worn and battered King of Clubs affixed to the side. He checked his hair in window reflection, took his hat off to examined his playing card, and then proceeded to strut around like he owned the place.

I'm not going to be able to find this sort of thing in the South Bay, am I?

Updated Oct-29: I originally called it a Beth Gibbons solo act, but judevac set me straight in her comment. :P

Updated Nov-03: Here's the SF Chronicle's review of the concert.

Bush tells officials: no more leaks, leaks official

Bush told his senior aides Tuesday that he "didn't want to see any stories" quoting unnamed administration officials in the media anymore, and that if he did, there would be consequences, said a senior administration official who asked that his name not be used.

No, this is not an Onion article.

The origins of Murphy's Law

Investigative journalism at its best: an article on the origins of Murphy's Law. Rocket sleds and car safety belts and Chuck Yeager oh my!

(And it's really quite worth reading through to the very appropriate and poignant ending.)

Why California might lose $9 billion

This article is a bit conspiracy-theory-esque, but Arnold getting elected could make Calfornia lose $9 billion in reparations from Enron.

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