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Dream: The Clairvoyant

[The Clairvoyant] I had a dream the other night that contained an entire story! I thought it was ridiculously cool. So cool that I drew it as a comic, my first one in over a year! :) Behold the very first comic in my "Subjunctive Dreams" series: The Clairvoyant

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kenlu is awesome!

kenlu is awesome!

kenlu is awesome!

*Feels ego being boosted.* :)

Anyway, I just wanted to add some notes about my actual dream. The dream wasn't in line art or anything.. it was as solid as any dream. I don't remember what any of the characters actually looked like; it was all hazy, as if it were a... er.. dream. :P

Still, the story is pretty much what it was in the dream, especially the sudden shocking closeups of people missing an eye. (On one side of their face would just be skin, no socket at all; they weren't nasty empty sockets or anything.) I don't remember the exact dialogue, so I took some liberties with that, but the meaning is intact.

The ending is what I changed the most from the dream. First, in the dream, the voiceover was much more explicit.. she said something along the lines of, "And I realized that, once they knew their futures, they no longer had any motivation to continue living." A bit too unsubtle when you actually write it out. :P

And there was one bit in the ending that I cut out entirely, since it was sort of random. (The amazing thing about this dream was precisely that this was the only thing that did NOT fit in.) Part of the voiceover monologue at the end went something like, "I realized also that for all my attempts to connect with my students, they still just think of me as their teacher, and not as a friend. I'll have to accept that." (This over very cinematic long shots of her interacting with her students in class, of course.)

But again, the amazing thing is that the rest of the story is pretty much exactly what happened in my dream! If only all stories came so easily.

Coming up next in the series: How Buffy the Vampire Slayer and an Egg McMuffin got me to work on my thesis.

kenlu is awesome. None of my dreams are that deep. I want to hear about the Egg McMuffin.

kenlu, like a virus you're spreading, check out what yakov had to say.

It reminds me of the type of thing Story Minute would do. Quirky and interesting. =) I like the simple line artwork for the comic. Hmm, you know what else it reminds me of? A fable. The 3 repetitions, the moral. Can't believe that came to you in a dream; that's amazing. You really do have a muse! =)

Dude, you need to put up Cronos Infinitus on here somewhere...

I was very self-critical about Cronos Infinitus, and I had tons of ideas on how to revamp it, so I haven't linked to it. Sadly, it's a bit in my past, so I haven't had the motivation to work on it more. It's still up in its original location, though.

Hey, you don't know me, i was actually looking for subjunctive tense tutorials for spanish class... but this story is awesome. I love the drawing style, and the black & white. for some reason, i'm in love with the font, too.

Keep it up! i'm gonna come back...

Thank you for the kind words, mysterious stranger Christine! That really made my day. :)

Do like the drawings. You'll have to buy me a drink someday. (huh?)

This is going to seem crazy, but I too came across this site while looking for Spanish subjunctive tutorials (those teachers just aren't cutting it, huh?). Anyway, your dream is amazing. Most of my dreams are very self-centered and revolve around me doing something. The fact that yours had a third-person narrator and a moral and everything...wow. The drawings are a nice touch, and I am also a fan of the font; it looks like it came from a Kleenex ad.

omfg holy sh!t that hilarious!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw r u gonna continue with toast wars?

Glad you liked it, Happy Gopher. And no, I made Toast Wars almost 10 years ago now. (!) I'm not as obsessed with Star Wars as I used to be. :)

Nice story Ken

It was interesting the left eye was missing. At first, I thought it didn't quite fit as the "left brain" is the more analytical side and the right the more holistic side, but then I vaguely remembered reading something about how sensations from the left side of the body feed into the right hemisphere of the brain. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it...

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