Classic Mac Games Ported to Mac OS X

I've noticed some classic Mac games being ported to Mac OS X lately. There are various lists of classic Mac games on the web, but I didn't see any list of classic Mac games ported to Mac OS X. Something not existing on the Internet??! Horrors no! This must be remedied! So I figured I'd make one. :)

I'm sure my list is far from complete, so please post a comment here if you know of anything I don't. Note that I'll only post Mac OS X ports of what I consider "Classic Mac Games" here. In particular, I will not be posting any links to abandonware sites.



Official/Authorized Ports

After Dark - [Added Oct-06-2005] OS X version of the original screen saver! It kinda sucks, though... a shadow of its former self.

Apeiron - The most addictive version of Centipede I've ever played. Ambrosia themselves updated it for OS X. Hoo-ah!

Dome Wars - The Mac artillery game, which is much like Scorched Earth. This is somewhat updated, though, so it's not a true port.

Klondike - The original Mac solitaire game. Reminds me of how ridiculously tough Canfield is. Apparently, the author's been keeping it up to date all these years!

Glider Pro - A truely original classic! This is not quite the original 15 level Glider with the Cat at the end, but it's true to its spirit. The author ported it to OS X and made it free! Too bad he hasn't ported the level editor.

Glypha - I never really liked this Joust clone nearly as much as the original, but it is still a classic Mac game.

LittleWing Pinball - The makes of the most awesome computer pinball games ever have ported Crystal Caliburn and Loony Labyrinth to Mac OS X. They're even still selling Tristan, though they haven't ported that. But they do have brand new pinball games!

Maelstrom - This sprite-based Asteroid clone put Ambrosia on the map. They GPLed it, and now there are ports to all major platforms, including OS X. Oh!

Marathon Trilogy - Bungie released the Marathon Trilogy as open source. That's the link to Aleph One, the updated engine for OS X, Windows, and Linux. All you have to do is toss that application in the folders for the original games.

Solarian II - This was the find that prompted me to make this list in the first place. The mother of all Mac 256-color sprite-based shooters! Pah-raise... Jesus-sah!


Clone Ports

XBolo - A Bolo clone for OS X. It's still under development and not quite perfect.

Stunt Copter - An excellent clone, though I think this game is really only good for nostalgia value. :)


Honorable Mentions

Crystal Quest for Palm - I really hope the original developer will let someone do an OS X port at some point, but in the meantime, I thought I'd point out this official Palm port, which I unfortunately haven't tried. Update: Crystal Quest for Xbox 360 is due out next month.

Return to Dark Castle - An unfinished sequel to the Dark Castle games.

Star Control 2 - This was never a Mac game, but it was one of the best games I ever played, so I'm going to list it anyway now that it's been open sourced. There's a Mac OS X port, though I haven't actually tried it yet.

Kenneth Lu